The light switch came on!


Blown freakin away!

I just finished one of the BEST experiences of my life.

I’m on this journey to go to the next level in my life so I opened my mind  (and my pocket book ) to attend some Tony Robbins Training. I once heard from a very successful teacher of mine, if you pour your wallet into your mind then your mind will fill up your wallet.

So that’s exactly what I did! And boy was it worth it!!

This event focused on why you do the things that you do. Why do you get in the same patterns in your life? Where does it come from and more importantly how do I change. How do I get results in my business life…my personal life? How do I design my life to be the way that I want it? So as you can see this training went to your core.

I finally saw the rawness of who I am. I realized that every important decision in my life was actually extremely predictable and didn’t actually satisfy my wants but my needs. And as crazy as it sounds, that’s what’s been holding me back.

So for 6 days I just let myself be and I listened….

I watched the power of growth and change work around me. I felt the energy of breakthroughs. I felt the spirit of Hope. I felt the impact that my life can have on others. And for the first time, I saw my life bigger, bolder, stronger, and more incredible than I could of ever imagined. I learned that I didn’t always live my life for me but for the love of others. I learned that little ‘ol me (yes just me) has a story that people can use to better themselves. I learned that you have to first seek and then you shall find.

I learned that everything you need is already in you and that everything you say to yourself counts. Everything!

Fly With Kids AND Be Sane!

Top 5 Ways To Fly With Kids & Be Sane All At The Same Time!! ( Part 1 )

1. Book a nonstop flight if you can help it. It is sometimes a little more expensive but well worth it! Book early and it will be easier to find nonstop flights. The faster you get to your destination the better.

2. Prepare, Plan, & Repeat. The more prepared you are for the getaway the more calm and at peace you will be. So plan out everything the day before and prepare. Checkin & Print your boarding passes before you get to the airport. Create your checklist to make sure you have brought everything. Contact the post office online to stop your mail.

3. Drop by your neighborhood dollar store and buy a few new toys. They are cheap so it’s easy on your pocketbook. Kids are always more interested in getting something new to keep them entertained. Hide a few toys “surprises” to bring out when kids are getting bored or restless and you need a distraction.

4. Bring card games. They are a perfect travel size and can keep kids entertained for chunks of time. My favorites to bring are UNO cards or Memory Cards in a little clear baggy.

5. I give each kid their own small backpack that has all their goodies ( toys new & old, books, activities, & snacks)


A woman after the movement

What is it to be a female?


I thought I knew but as I have realized at this conference I still have loads to learn. Growing up after the feminist movement, I felt power in being a woman.

I remember getting an emotional rise when saying,

“Girl Power” or “Girls Rule”

But what does it really mean to have true girl power. Are we given something that the guys just don’t have?

Well a few years ago i went to a 5 day women’s retreat. For the first time, at this retreat  I saw…the Power and Beauty of a Woman! I saw that so many of us are broken and looking for direction to get to the true essence of who we are.

I was mesmerized by the rawness that I witnessed from these women.

I learned so much about myself as a woman. Sheila Kelley was brilliant with guiding us down a path to take ownership of our individual bodies & womanhood.

I for one can say that I experienced moments where I felt so alive during this 5 day retreat. It began the process of unlocking doors inside of me that never had been unlocked before.

Being in your true feminine gives you the magnetic power to attract the masculine. It’s that power that gets him excited about coming home at night. It’s that power that puts passion and desire in your relationship. It’s THAT power, that “IT” factor where people say they don’t know what it is but there’s something different about that girl.

What so many of us are looking for is already within us but we need the key to unlock the unmeasurable power that lives within. Thank you Sheila Kelley for being an example of what can happen when you discover the woman that you are designed to be.

WITH KIDS Enjoy Vacation More!


Top 3 ways to enjoy your vacation more with kids!

Yes, I’m an excited mother who loves to travel.♥

But let’s be honest…

Traveling with kiddos can be a difficult task.

  • Where do you go with the kids?
  • What do you do?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • How do you keep the kids entertained?
  • What do you bring with you?
  • Did you get the best price?

Being one vacationing momma, I’ve learned a few tips to help me enjoy vacationing more with my kids!


1) Invite Family or Friends


( Above: Dinnertime at the the Hard Rock Cancun )

When you invite a few family members or friends on vacation with you, you get a few great perks. Your kids always have a better time when they are traveling with friends or relatives their age. You won’t have to spend so much time trying to keep your kids entertained when other kids are there. Also when you have other parents on vacation with you, there is an extra eye to help watch the kids.  You also get the opportunity to deepen your own personal friendships by spending quality time and creating memories on vacation. Let’s be honest, being with a group of good family and/or friends always adds fuel to a good time!



2) Book an All-inclusive resort


( Above: A great stay at the All-Inclusive Marival Residences in Nuevo Vallarta )

If you have never vacationed at a 4 or 5 Star All-inclusive resort, you don’t know what you are missing! Peace of mind to eat what you want, drink what you want (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), and enjoy all the resort’s activities, all included in one price…WHAT!

Best part is the Kids Club!! At the all-inclusive resorts I’ve visited, the Kids Clubs were FREEE!!! JACKPOT!!! Points for Mom!! Each Kids Club is different but a lot have video games, kiddie water parks, ping pong tables, movies, activities, etc. So you don’t have to worry about having something planned for the kids. The Kids Club will keep them occupied.


3) Go on a Cruise


(Above: Dessert after a full day of fun at Carnival’s Kid Club! )

Another Score for Mom! I enjoyed cruising with my boys because of course, again they watch your kids. I will admit I had reservations about the safety of the ship, having visions of my busy kid falling off the ship. After going on the ship I realized…

I totally overreacted!

When I was on the ship, I went to the Kid’s Club and was very unimpressed with the layout at the Kids Club. I reluctantly left them and said I’d come back in two hours thinking that the Kids Club looked pretty lame. To my surprise when I returned they did not want to leave. The cruise did such an incredible job entertaining our 3 boys of different ages with themed events, parties, challenges, etc. Every day my kids would wake up asking to go to Kids Club. I had to put my foot down at the last stop because I wanted them to get off the ship at least on one island. So let it be said, I loved the Kids Club! And I loved the fact that ALL food and daily entertainment were included.



Reality TV?


My niece is over and life is different when you have a little girl around.

My little niece says,”Spongebob” and points to the TV.

So in my mind Spongebob it is!

As I’m flipping through the guide looking for Spongebob, I notice the enormous amount of reality TV that still consumes so many of our programs. And I thought how crazy it is, that we have become a society that is more entertained by watching others live their life than by designing a life of our own.

Because the reality of it is, if we lived the type of life that we were passionate about, where relationships were strong, experience valued, and time savored, would we give so much attention to watching others…. simply live?

I remember the days of watching TV and being thrilled at the sight of dancing on lunch tables on FAME. I remember watching the Cosby Show where marriage was promoted, family stuck together, and life looked entertaining.

It was as if the shows gave you a goal to aspire to be.

If you look at the Kardashians, I’d have to argue the value of what you get from that show. And I have to admit, I am a part of the former audience that used to watch it.

Now as a mother, I started to think more about what things are and the value it adds to my kids.

I’ve decided that showing my kids how to design their life, is much more important than being entertained by watching someone else’s. So yes we have dramatically decreased the TV time in my house.

Do you feel like you are designing your life?

Do you feel alive?


We started off building things.

I used to love making houses and building with blocks.

I remember sitting on my grandmother’s couch with my baby dolls and imaging going to DISNEYLAND! Those were exciting times.

I used my imagination to create with no limits.

Do you remember those log cabin blocks that always fit so perfectly? As children we were taught to build, to create, to explore. I can admit that a lot of the times it was more fun to make it all come crashing down after building it than it was to create it.

To feel alive again!

Where did that feeling go?

It was somewhere between college graduation and getting married or was it after my first, second, or third pregnancy?

I’m not sure at what point it happened but somewhere along the lines, I stopped FEELING alive. Yes I do feel loved and at times appreciated but the feeling that comes from truly feeling alive and excited about something seemed to have gotten lost in my happily ever after.

As women I think it’s normal to get into your pattern and everyday it’s about execution of your routine.

  • Get the kids up, dressed, fed, and out the door.

  • Then my schedule for the day takes over.

  • Then kids get picked up, homework, dinner, practices, baths, and off to bed they go.

Then whatever energy is left for the evening goes to my hubby or the pillow…whatever is more appealing at the time.

You know it’s crazy….I remember the feeling of being so excited to go out on a date. I remember the feeling of hearing the drums of the band and dancing my heart out at football games.

I remember taking chances….

I remember trying new things. I remember developing new relationships. I remember going after my dreams.

As I write, I realize that I felt alive because I was alive.

I lived…

As an adult, we easily get caught in work, expectations, routines, stress, responsibility, and daily demands. To get more life back in my life, I’ve learned to incorporate more of the things that made me feel alive as a child.

I don’t know about you but going somewhere new, developing new relationships, dancing my heart out, and going after my dreams are the ways that I have decided to be more intentional about finding life again!

What makes you feel alive?



2016 …..2017

What an incredible year this will be! 

Excited to plan out my adventures, my projects, my goals and my life this year.

My husband and I are planning a weekend trip to New Jersey in the Spring.  Last April, we booked a trip to Spain with our boys for Spring Break.

WOW! Now that was a great experience.

What was an even better experience was when I booked the roundtrip flight with one stop for only $600!

Great trip.

Memorable Experience.

( My son even told me that was the best experience he had in 2016 )

But now I find myself struggling when looking at prices for our flight to New Jersey during the same month that I went to Spain last year. The best price I could find regardless of the days or times that I fly were almost $500.  So in my mind I said REALLY?  I went to Spain for $600 but now I’m going to pay $500 just to go to New Jersey?

Being someone who LOVES to get a great deal, I struggle with the thought that for practically the same amount of money I could just go back to Spain.

New Jersey…


New Jersey…


Which one would you pick?

And this whole thing got me thinking.  Did the rest of you know that you could travel across the world for the same prices that you fly from one coast to the other?

I have people all the time look at me completely puzzled when I take my kids on international trips.  They wonder how I do it.

Well one of my secrets ( and I’ll only tell you one ) is that flying across the world doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive.  You just have to be smart about it and plan.

When I’m thinking about traveling internationally I never limit myself.  I look for prices at different parts of the year and look at various international destinations.  You would be really surprised at what you can find when you start looking.

After looking, you might decide to fly to Germany for your family vacation instead of flying across the country to visit your relatives.  Do you realize that you could actually work out both vacations with a slight increase in your budget?

Thinking out of the box…..maybe you could make the trip to see your relatives a road trip and use the rest of the vacation money for an international vacation.  What I’ve learned is that it’s a big world out there!

I only have a lifetime to go see it.  And for some that may seem like a long time but as I grow older I realize that it’s not much time at all.

Where are you planning on going this year?